A two hour course with all you need to know to make a real difference to your child's reading!

Join us on our Supporting Phonics and Reading Online Course, to ensure you understand all the best techniques to support your child with their phonics and reading. You can make a huge difference! Let us guide you through key terminology, techniques and fun activities to arm you with all you will need to make your child's start on this journey a success. Find blogs, tips and tricks on supporting your child's education at: www.edvanced.co.uk

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Welcome

    • Course Introduction

  • 2

    What is Phonics?

    • What is Phonics

    • Phoneme and Grapheme

    • Digraph and Trigraph

    • Technical Vocabulary Quiz

  • 3

    Progression in Phonics

    • Introduction to the 6 Phonics Phases

    • The Phonics Phases

    • Activity

    • Using phonics when hearing your child read

  • 4

    Segmenting and Blending

  • 5

    Phonics in Schools

    • Phonics in Schools Explained

  • 6

    Phonics Games

    • Phonics cups game

    • Phonics Bingo

    • Pairs

  • 7

    What are Tricky Words?

    • Tricky and High Frequency Words

    • Tricky Words Quiz

  • 8

    Tricky Word Games

    • Introduction to Tricky Word Games

    • puddle jump

    • Tricky Word Ball Catch

    • Car Words Down The Track

    • Words Up the Stairs

    • Scavenger Hunt

  • 9

    Techniques for reading with your child

    • Strategies to support your child's reading: 1

    • Example of Listening to your Child Read

    • Strategies to support your child's reading: 2

    • Example of Strategies to support your child's reading

    • Strategies to support your child's reading: 3

    • Quiz: Strategies for Reading with your child

  • 10


    • What is Comprehension?

    • Developing your child's comprehension skills

  • 11

    Worried about your child's reading?

    • Worried About Your Child's Reading?

  • 12

    The importance of reading

    • Reading to Your Child

  • 13


    • Concluding the Course

  • 14


    • Phonic and Key Word Games Ideas Explained

    • Comprehension Questions Bookmark

    • Phase 2-5 Phonics Sound Mats

    • Recommended Websites


Nicky Forsyth

Nicky is a primary school teacher, a mum of two boys and is passionate about children loving learning. If children find learning a pleasure then they will do well. She has over seventeen years’ experience in teaching, the majority in senior roles including Deputy Head teacher in an inner city school. She has experience of teaching and leadership in Reception, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Her clear understanding and knowledge of teaching and learning has helped to raise standards and played an influential role in schools gaining ‘outstanding' judgements from Ofsted. Nicky has eight years’ experience as working as a Special Educational Needs coordinator. Her experience has taught her that if education is well supported at home and tailored to the child; their preferences and styles of learning then every child can excel.

Ellie Collins

Ellie Collins has always been motivated by seeing children realise their full potential, whatever their background. It is finding the right tools for the individual, to motivate them to succeed, that is the key. She is a mother of two and an experienced primary school teacher. Ellie has worked as a Senior Leader, in inner London, as well as in Surrey. She has over thirteen years teaching experience in a range of senior roles including Assistant Headteacher, Head of Literacy, Head of Key Stage 2 and Teaching and Learning Lead. Ellie believes that supporting a child's learning at home with engaging and fun activities, that reinforce what has been taught at school, is the way to ensure that children embed their learning and succeed.